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Finding House Sitters That Are Right For You

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

A single man left on an overseas job assignment lasting 1 year and decided to leave his home in the to deal with a down upon his luck friend that needed a spot to stay. When he returned he discovered this €friend€ had rented his place out to another family and had to collecting the rent money himself. Another news article describes how a lady sublet her apartment while she was in the hospital for a few months, but could not get him to go away when she was able to come home. These are just a few examples of the home sitting mayhem that could happen if you don’t find the best person.

In spite of luxury alarm system and security cameras one of the best security continues to be having someone live in the home. Being a friend or relative does not instantly qualify someone to be house sitters and lets face it do you eagerly want someone you understand nosing over your things? A sitter understands the house isn’t theirs and can act decisively if a crisis situation arises. Choosing the right sitter is key. You would like someone that you can trust will act according to your desires while you are away.

First you need to create an outline of what needs to be done or taken care of when you are away. This list may include watering the plants, collecting the mail, mowing the law, or meeting contractors and ensuring they actually the required work. Essentially the sitter is managing all that you homes affairs when you are away, so you will want to be able to supply these with a detailed list of your instructions as well as pertinent contact info, such as the police and fire department.

How To Locate Potential House Sitters

The next thing is to locate potential house sitters. A good starting place is to check with friends and neighbors to see who they use. Your house sitting agency can also be a great place and can often find someone that suits your preferences. There’s also many online resources available. These days many people are making use of house sitting as a means to travel and have a vacation abroad without having the added expense of paying for a room.

Casually interview your house sitters. Discover if they have records of irresponsibility. Knowledgeable house sitters will not take offence for your scrutiny and understands it is all area of the process. They should be able to furnish just criminal record background checks and a number of other references. Next you will go during the duties you would like done and ensure they’re up for the task. If you need a lawn mowed perhaps hiring the 60 year old retiree in a wheel chair certainly will not work out for you.

For added peacefulness you’ll be able to install wireless security cameras into your home. Latest security cameras can be setup for remote access online from anywhere within the world. However, if you feel the need to install spy cameras you may have found the incorrect house sitters.