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Do you believe your local market is a hot bed of sales potential? Would you like to make more of a sales impact there?

Internet Video Marketing is the wave of the future, but many don’t see it coming. Right now you have an opportunity to take advantage of this oncoming wave and make a huge impact in your local market – before it becomes a trend. I’m sure you’ve heard people say, Buy low, when they talk about investing in the Stock Market. What that means is that you should put your money into a stock when its price is very low and watch it grow in value – others will also invest in that stock, making the price grow – or become a trend.

You can use a similar analogy here. Right now Internet Video Marketing is at the beginning stages of that trend or wave. In that position search engines like Google – the most popular one – love and rank videos higher than any other type of web pages or podcasts. You may not know this but most of local business searches are done on the Internet these days. People are turning away from print media like the phone book and other traditional ways we think of when we think of advertising. People will turn to the internet 10 times more often than to the phonebook.

Most of us know that the 3 MOST important things for any of us when buying something is to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST the person from whom we are buying. Research shows that it takes an average of interacting seven (7) times for that relationship to be built and us to buy. The great event video production thing is that you can build this relationship through Internet Video Marketing!

This is what you can achieve by posting 10-20 short videos on the internet: – build relationships: your prospective market will know, like and trust you! – You will get into the first 10 rankings of Local searches on Google, etc… – you can dominate specific local keywords – and, you will be the area’s EXCLUSIVE expert in that genre! So what are you waiting for? Start creating those videos and get more leads fro your business. You have no time to waste – if you don’t do it now, your competition will do it before you. And you will watch them get a huge amount of business video production from the internet while you are still waiting for people to find you in the phonebook.

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